Disaster Preparedness for Home and Family


This 65- page pocket manual serves as a practical guide for creating a sustainable family emergency plan to be better prepared and ready for the unexpected. Disasters and events ranging from the wildfires that devasted California; the hurricanes that impacted Texas, Florida, and the other Gulf states; rampant tornadoes throughout the south and Midwest; and flooding in various cities throughout the United States, have shown us is that in times of disaster, resources are limited and help is often not readily available, especially within the Urban communities. With the most recent winter storm that gripped Texas, leaving millions without power and food, we as citizens are being forced to ask ourselves, “Am I ready for the unexpected?”

Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)


The IFAK comes in Red or Black molle-compatible pouch ( please specify color). The IFAK contains Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), Quick Clot Combat gauze ; Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD), Chest Seals and other life-saving medical equipment.